Sexy Orange

You have chosen the mild flavour of a well squeezed orange. The perfect companion for brunch, to enjoy in a stylish city with a warm environment and colourful ambience. You have chosen a Sexy Orange

This combination is created for lovers of more classical juices to discover a really sexy explosion of flavours. Refreshing orange juice, spattered with hot redcurrants, a daring lime, a bit of grenadine and a passionate touch of cinnamon.

  • A touch of

    Redcurrant and cinnamon

  • 10% of the capacity


  • 80% of the capacity


  • 10% of the capacity



Prepare two large oranges to squeeze with Soul, put the juice on one side.

Then squeeze a lime whilst you prepare a sprig of redcurrant, cinnamon and grenadine.Pour four parts of orange juice into a Soul glass and one part of lime juice.

When everything is ready add one part ofgrenadine, you will see how the colour stays on the bottom.

Finally, decorate the glass with redcurrants and a sprig of cinnamon.

Enjoy it with a good brunch!

Spicy Lemon

With a fuel stop after a long bike ride,with a book in your hand whilst you decide which of the paintings in the room you like best. With a Spicy Lemon.

For those inquisitive palates that are always seeking new flavours, we recommend the spicy lemon. Delicious blended carrot, with intense lemon juice, tomatoes seasoned with a salty touch and unexpected pepper.

  • A touch of


  • 20% of the capacity


  • 40% of the capacity


  • 40% of the capacity



Prepare a couple of carrots, two or three tomatoes if they are small, quite a large-sized lemon and a pinch of pepper. Then blend the carrots and the tomatoes; squeeze the lemon with the Soul and pour everything into a glass.

You now have the perfect cocktail to recharge batteries!

Do not forget to cut a slice of lemon to decorate the glass together with a few peppercorns.

Tip: Play with the colour of the pepper, you will have a more interesting juice!

Innocent Lima

You have chosen the exuberant flavour of the most innocent lime. Essential at those after-work parties where friends get together to drink the best cocktails in town. You have chosen an Innocent Lime

This small and innocent citrus fruit can leave even the most demanding dumbstruck. Be seduced by a sweet pineapple mixed with a lovingly squeezed lime, wrapped in a swirl of orange liqueur, a touch of white rum, with lots of crushed ice, blueberries and mint.

  • A touch of

    Blueberries and Mint

  • 10% of the capacity


  • 70% of the capacity


  • 10% of the capacity

    White Rum

  • 10% of the capacity

    Orange liqueur


To prepare a good cocktail, first of all cool a glass for about 10 min. either by putting ice in it or putting it in the freezer.Meanwhile, chop up half a pineapple and get it ready to blend. Squeeze a lime with Soul and put the juice on one side for later.

When the glass is really cold, fill it with crushed ice, and pour both the blend and lime juice over it.

Some blueberries and a bit of mint will make this cocktail really delicious.

You have just discovered the perfect companion for your after-works!